How quick can you start testing with AxIT?

assessment axit mat system Mar 11, 2019

How quick can you start testing with AxIT? Let's join Andrew and Steve to find out!

Stop Guessing and Start Measuring. Pull your assessments to the 21st century.

To learn more about the AxIT system go to

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Measure what your eyes can't see and stomp the uncertainty out of your assessment!

assessment axit mat system Mar 10, 2019

What's better than one purpose-built force plate device for health and fitness professionals? two of course!

AxITs Stomp-IT dual force plates come fully equipped to be able to start putting a number on fundamental movements that your clients perform every single day.

- Squats
- Lunges
- Jumping
- Landing
- Running impact
- Isometric Mid Thigh Pull
- Athletic Shoulder Test
- Push Ups
- plus many more all in less time than it takes to tie your shoes.

Gather actionable movement data to make better decisions about your client's training needs.

Track their progression over time and assess the effectiveness of your training intervention.

Set yourself apart as a unique service provider and get amazing results with the people you work with using objective assessment technology.

Learn more. Head to to book an AxIT discovery session today!

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Thanks to this clever device that fits in your pocket, movement assessment has changed forever


The Pull-IT device is the assessment and training tool that you never knew you needed....but won't be able to live without!

This miniature, but extremely powerful device allows you to assess and quantify dynamic movements in a way like you never have been able to before.

It's unique design and function makes it the perfect assessment tool for any situation. This game-changing biofeedback training tool has the capability to take the guess-work out of training to make every rep count.

For more information head to
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What is the AxIT system?

assessment axit mat system Mar 02, 2019
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The future of assessment is here - Introducing the AxIT system

assessment axit mat Mar 01, 2019
The future of assessment is here - Introducing the AxIT system 

Today the MAT have introduced a new company Strength By Numbers and a new approach to movement assessment that we hope will change the health and fitness industries forever and bring them into the 21st century.

The AxIT system is the worlds first complete objective movement assessment solution featuring three revolutionary devices:

- the Push-IT manual muscle tester (with a twist).
- the Pull-IT strength assessment tool (unlike anything you've seen).
- the Stomp-IT force plates (that you can take anywhere).

This is a continuation of what we have been working on for the past five years with MAT - Movement Assessment Technologies and massive step forward for an industry traditionally lacking data to make the right decisions for the people we work with.

Start getting amazing results with the AxIT system that will allow you to:

- Collect meaningful, actionable data and measure strength and power imbalances,...
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Are we mad scientists at MAT?

assessment mat Feb 25, 2019
Come and find out hat we have been concocted in the MAT lab at one of our MAT LIVE courses in 2019.

For more information about our MAT LIVE courses head to
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You don't need a time machine to access the future of assessment. 

assessment mat Feb 17, 2019
Simply head to to learn more about how our MAT and MAT LIVE courses can help you help more people in 2019.
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Agility T-test

assessment Feb 17, 2018

The agility T-Test is a test that is commonly used to assess an athletes/individuals to move forwards, backwards and side to side. It is performed on a safe and consistent surface to ensure that test-retest reliability is high. Besides testing an individual's ability to move in all directions as quickly as possible it also tests a “combination of leg speed, leg power, and agility for performance” (Pauole. K, Madole. K, Garhammer. J, Lacourse. M and Rozenek. R, 2000).

Males that achieve less than 9.5 seconds and Females that achieve less than 10.5 seconds are ranked as excellent showing that they can coordinate lower limb strength, power and speed whilst changing multiple directions.

Having the ability to produce a muscle contraction that is quick and powerful in a sporting situation and the stronger and more efficient this contraction is the lower the likelihood of injury (Hübscher M  , Zech A  , Pfeifer K , Hänsel F , Vogt L , Banzer W , 2010). The...

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Strength Testing with Hip Abduction Holds/Raises

assessment Feb 17, 2018

Hip abduction is a movement where our leg moves away from the midline of body or the opposing leg, this movement is produced by our Gluteal muscles (Maximus, Medius and Minimus).

This movement is extremely important in a sporting or dynamic context as knee adduction “associated with increased knee valgus angles during athletic movements” (Cronin. B, Johnson. S, Chang.E, Pollard. C and Norcross. M,  2016).

Decreased Hip Abduction strength or excessive hip adduction has been a cause of issue for people with patellofemoral pain (PFP). With research being perfromed by Ramskov. D et al (2015) they found that “eccentric hip abduction strength that is higher than normal may reduce the risk of PFP” (Ramskov. D, Barton.C, Neilsen. R and Rasmussen. S, 2015).

The single leg abduction exercise when used correctly in a clinical setting can decrease our risk of associated lower limb injuries to the hip, knee or ankle. By performing the activity in a controlled way we...

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Strength Testing with Hip Adduction Holds/Raises

assessment Feb 17, 2018

Hip Adduction is the movement of where we bring our leg closer to the midline of the body or closer to the other leg. It is largely performed by our adductor group (adductor magnus, longus and brevis). Hip adductor weakness has been related to pain in through the groin in sports that require repetitive change of direction ( “Large eccentric hip adduction strength deficits were found in soccer players with adductor-related groin pain compared with asymptomatic soccer players” (Thorborg K, Branci S, Nielsen MP, Tang L, Nielsen MB and Hölmich P, 2014). Another article found that “decreased hip adduction strength is a risk factor for developing groin injuries” (Harøy.J, Thorborg. K, Serner. A, Bjørkheim. A,Rolstad.L, Hölmich.P, Bahr. R and Andersen.T, 2017).

The single leg adduction exercise when used correctly in a clinical setting can decrease our risk of associated groin injuries and performance detriments. The Copenhagen...

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