Upskill Your Team And Grow Your Business With Our MAT Tools, Measurz App And Our Data-Driven Approach

Transform Your Teams Assessment, Treatment and Training Skills And Create New Premium Services To Grow Your Business With Our Private In-House Training Sessions.


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Individually Tailored To Your Business and Teams Needs

Before the session, we will dedicate time to understand the specific requirements of your team and business. We will then customize our private course to ensure maximum benefit for your team and business.

This includes considering aspects like:

  • A team skill analysis to identify gaps¬†in knowledge¬†
  • A¬†thorough business¬†analysis to identify¬†key areas for improvement and growth
  • Your key clientele and how we can upskill your team to work better with these individuals
  • New services that we can help you develop to grow your business and stand out from the competition.

Team Training Made Fun!

Too often team training can seem like an arduous task and the impact from the business owner delivering the information lacks the results and change that the owner wants to see. 

Let us make team training fun with highly practical sessions backed up with post-training online materials that are structured weekly to help reinforce the session's information and ensure a great ROI on your investment and a meaningful change on your business.

Keen To Implement Our Systems And Measurz App Across Your Business?

We'll help your team hit the ground running with confidence to improve their client assessment, treatment and training with enhanced communication skills driven by our Measurz app and data.

Based on your needs we'll train your team to deliver, business-wide standardised assessments and save hours in their week by using the Measurz app.

They'll no longer have excuses for missing parts of their assessment or not completing their notes.

Braeden King - EMP Onsite

Steve from MAT attended EMP head office to upskill the Victorian and Tasmanian teams on objective measures to better guide treatment.

Steve's positive demeanour and largely practical workshop were received with fantastic feedback.

The use of the MAT and Measurz app has assisted in fast, efficient and accurate testing to guide treatment and validly compare results through the client journey.

I personally am an advocate for Steve's use of technology within the Allied Health space and can see benefits for many Allied Health professionals.


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