Measurz Resultz


Your Clients Can Access All Their Measurz Testing Results In One Place - On Any Device, Anywhere In The World


Access On Any Device

Measurz clients can access all their results via the Measurz Resultz app on iOS, Android and on any web browser.

Let The Data Tell The Story

Your client's Measurz results have been intuitively designed to allow clients to easily interpret them, and automatically show the most recent session data upon logging in. 

Communicate Between Teams

Access your clients previous results from every business that uses Measurz via their Measurz Resultz app.

Your Clients Can Check Their Measurz On The Go On Any Device From Anywhere In The World

The Measurz Resultz app is designed with Measurz clients in mind. It allows them to quickly, easily and intuitively view all their Measurz results wherever and whenever they need them.

With similar visualisations to what you see in your Measurz app and Measurz web portal, your client will always know how they're progressing towards their goals.

Once your clients have the app, you will never need to send them their results again. Their results will always be automatically synced immediately after you finish testing, so your clients will have them in their pocket before they walk out your door.

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