Give Your Students Access To The Latest Real World Technology and Streamline Your Program With Our MAT University Accreditation Program

Provide each student with access to our Measurz app and MAT Tools to enhance your faculty's program delivery and set your students up for the real-world at an affordable rate.


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Individually Tailored Education To Your University and Students Needs

Before implementing our MAT tools and Measurz app, we will dedicate time to working with your faculty to understand the specific requirements of your students and University. We will then customize our educational content and the Measurz app to ensure maximum benefit and support for your faculty team and students.

Before creating your unique program, we'll:

  • Perform a thorough¬†program analysis with your faculty to identify¬†key areas for¬†enhancement with our content and tools.
  • Discuss the¬†best way to¬†assist your team in delivering high-quality, engaging¬†educational sessions.
  • Find opportunities¬†to develop¬†new educational sessions that¬†you can¬†run for your students and stand out from other courses.

Assessment Made Fun!

Too often assessment can seem like an arduous task and students find it difficult to learn and apply to their clients upon graduation.

Let us make assessment fun helping you run highly practical sessions and our cutting-edge tools backed up with online materials that are structured weekly to help reinforce the session's information and ensure your students are graduating with proficiency in all aspects of assessment.

Keen To Implement Our Systems And Measurz App Across Your University Program?

We'll help your students hit the ground running with confidence to improve their client assessment, treatment and training with enhanced communication skills driven by our Measurz app and data.

Based on your University's needs, we'll help you train your students to deliver standardised, evidence-based assessments and ensure they enter the workforce up to date with methods that they'll actually use in practice.

They'll no longer have excuses for missing parts of their assessment or not completing their notes proficiently in their student placements.

Each tailored accreditation program may include:

  • Face to Face or Online Training for University faculty.
  • Access to our online University¬†platform and community chat for ongoing training and support for faculty.
  • Setting up our Measurz app templates for integration into the student clinic and curriculum lessons.
  • Access to the Measurz app for each student.
  • Adding access for each student to our online course material to supplement/integrate your curriculum.
  • Guest lecturing in the curriculum.
  • Custom-built MAT product packages for your program.

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