Stop Guessing And Start Measuring Using The Worlds Number 1 Assessment Tool.



Are you a health or fitness professional that:

  • Wants more accurate and¬†scientific assessment measures¬†to¬†improve decision-making¬†with your clients¬†to get better outcomes?
  • Feels like you‚Äôre guessing¬†when deciding whether your patients¬†or clients can return to work, training or the sporting field and want an easy way to¬†put the latest evidence into practice?
  • Would like to be regarded as the go-to movement professional¬†in your community¬†and have a unique point of difference that helps you stand out from the crowd?
  • Has patients or clients that keep¬†returning with similar injuries¬†‚Äď and wish there was a way to better identify the cause of their problem?
  • Wants a thriving¬†business full of your ideal¬†clients¬†who are happy to pay premium prices for your high-end services and follow their plan until they reach their goals?
  • Is looking for practical and interactive courses that you can implement straight away to¬†create change and¬†bring back enthusiasm to your practice?


That's why we created the MAT data-driven approach to assessment.


Start your journey¬†to¬†master how to use The MAT ‚Äď the world's NUMBER ONE Assessment Tool.

Since our first MAT course, we’ve helped thousands of Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Podiatrists, Exercise Physiologists, Personal Trainers, Occupational, Massage and Sports Therapists improve their assessment using The MAT (Movement Assessment Tool) to achieve amazing outcomes with their patients, clients and in their businesses with our live, in-person MAT CPD courses. 

Our MAT Live Course features a highly engaging live (face-to-face) learning experience, which will help you master objective assessment using the latest evidence-based tests and the strategies you need to help the people you work with achieve their goals. Join us live in person and also get free post-course revision online that you can review anytime from the comfort of your own home, which ensures you will implement this new knowledge with your clients and transform your assessment, treatment and training processes.

Get Over 30+ Hours Of CPD With The MAT Course Level 1 + 2

Our MAT Courses are accredited with the following organisations and many more....
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What Will You Learn In Our MAT Courses?

In MAT Level 1, you'll learn the stuff that you didn't learn at uni and a revolutionary new approach to assessment, including:

  • 30+ NEW MAT assessments¬†for the lower limb, spine and upper limb that will help you improve your assessment skills and you will be able to use the very next day!
  • How to use the MAT to¬†SET BASELINE MEASUREMENTS¬†and make highly accurate decisions and¬†TRACK THE PROGRESSION¬†of your patients and clients over time to help ensure that they reach their goals.
  • The¬†LATEST EVIDENCE¬†around movement assessment + rehabilitation so you can take your assessment and exercise prescription to the next level.
  • How The MAT can help you take the guesswork out of determining when your patients or athletes can have the best chance of¬†RETURNING TO SPORT¬†safely.
  • How The MAT can help you determine whether your treatment or training plan is effective for your individual patients and clients.
  • How to¬†MEASURE all 3-DIMENSIONS¬†of any movement in a way you have never been able to before and revitalise your practice.
  • A framework for developing flexibility and strength in your clients AND¬†HOW TO MEASURE THE RESULTS!
  • How to use the¬†10 principles of NEUROPLASTICITY¬†to create meaningful changes in your patient‚Äôs and client‚Äôs training plans including better balance and movement control.
  • How the MAT can help you¬†INCREASE BUY IN¬†into your treatment + training plans, improve your outcomes and¬†INCREASE YOUR REBOOKINGS¬†ensuring your patients and clients reach their goals.
  • How The MAT can help you stand out from other therapists and trainers and create a¬†POINT OF DIFFERENCE¬†to get more people through your door.

In MAT Level 2, you'll learn how to take your assessment further and how to get your clients back to 110% and ensure they reach their goals, as well as:

  • 20+ NEW MOVEMENT ASSESSMENTS and PHYSICAL CAPACITY TESTS from the literature that will help you fill the gaps in your training and rehab knowledge to work out why re-injuries keep happening and take your clients to the next level.
  • How to assess and train SPEED, AGILITY and POWER accurately to tailor more specific training and rehab programs to your clients to allow them to move better and faster.
  • Set baseline STRENGTH measurements in a meaningful and objective way for injury-risk assessment and performance. Move beyond traditional isometric strength testing and our Level 1 MAT assessments.  
  • How you can take your ASSESSMENT further and have more confidence in your patients and clients beginning training and returning to sport safely.
  • Why you need to start assessing your clients in a fatigued state and why their ENDURANCE and CARDIOVASCULAR FITNESS is critical to their injury and performance.
  • How to BRING YOUR BUSINESS INTO THE 21ST CENTURY with the LATEST TECHNOLOGY. Find out what information you're missing out on not using this technology to enhance your client management!
  • How to use SLOW MOTION VIDEO ANALYSIS in your business and turn it into an elite testing and training facility.
  • How you can use our MAT Treatment + Training formula to help you take patients and clients from pain and sub-optimal function to performance using our 10-step approach to exercise prescription.
  • How you put the latest PAIN SCIENCE research and neural dynamic mobility techniques into action to help you manage those difficult patients and clients more effectively. 
  • The FIVE most important things that you need to include in your exercise programs to enable people to complete their individual needs, wants and goals and get back doing what they love to do.
  • How to avoid boring exercise prescription and get great results. No more generic exercises. No more 3×10 exercise prescription. Create expert rehabilitation plans using the 8 KEY FUNDAMENTAL MOVEMENTS to individually tailor your rehab plans to your patients and clients goals.
  • How to break-down and enhance performance with advanced strength and conditioning principles
  • Which ANTHROPOMETRICS you really should be assessing and why you need to address these to keep your patients and clients injury-free.
  • How to conduct the PERFECT INITIAL CONSULTATION to increase buy-in, generate better compliance and achieve amazing results with your patients and clients.

We'll Help You Save Hours Each Week, Streamline Your Assessment & Monitor Clients Progress Toward Their Goals With Our Measurz App

As part of the MAT Course we'll ensure that you never have to write notes again with our Measurz app and show you how it can help you assess your clients thoroughly, make assessment fun and enhance communication throughout the entire assessment process.


Assess With Cutting-Edge Technology 

All of the assessments you'll learn in our MAT Course are quick, simple and easy to apply in your day-to-day workflow and utilise the most intuitive and affordable technology on the market.


Who's using The MAT? 

The MAT is used by over 15000 professionals and 50+ elite sports and high performance organisations from all around the world.

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Prefer To Attend Online From The Comfort Of Your Own Home?

Complete your 100% online MAT course over 8-12 weeks with lifetime access - complete anywhere, anytime and on any device.

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Over your MAT journey you will learn:

  • 50+ NEW EVIDENCE-BASED MAT ASSESSMENTS of flexibility, balance and strength for the lower limb, spine and upper limb that will help you improve your assessment skills and you will be able to use the very next day! These include assessments such as the Star Excursion Balance Test (SEBT), Y Balance Test (YBT), objective strength assessments, and Illinois Agility Test just to name a few.
  • How to use the MAT to SET BASELINE MEASUREMENTS and make highly accurate decisions and TRACK THE PROGRESSION of your patients and clients over time to help ensure that they reach their goals.
  • How The MAT can help you take the guesswork out of determining when your patients or athletes can have the best chance of RETURNING TO SPORT safely.
  • How the MAT can help you INCREASE BUY IN into your treatment + training plans, improve your outcomes and INCREASE YOUR REBOOKINGS ensuring your patients and clients reach their goals.
  • How you can use our MAT Treatment + Training formula to help you take patients and clients from pain and sub-optimal function to performance using the 10-STEP APPROACH TO EXERCISE PRESCRIPTION
  • And much more!

Get The MAT for FREE with your MAT Course!

That's¬†the world's No.1 Movement Assessment Tool normally valued at¬†AU$250 | US$170 | ‚ā¨160 | ¬£140

You'll also get:

  • MAT Level 1 (2 days) + Level 2 (1 day)¬†
  • Learn 30+ NEW Assessments
  • MAT Level 1 Online Course over 8 weeks for revision after¬†your MAT Live¬†Course
  • MAT Testing Templates
  • Access to our Private¬†MAT communities
  • BONUS:¬†4x Live + Interactive Online Sessions
  • BONUS:¬† Post-course access to¬†20+ hours of purpose-built pre-recorded online video education
  • BONUS:¬†10 Hours of extra content with FREE access to a MAT LIVE course recording.
  • BONUS:¬†3 Months FREE MAT Measurz App Access
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"The MAT Course introduces assessment tools to measures pre and post your treatment. It is very suited for Physios, Osteos, and Chiros."

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Jack Heggen

Exercise Physiologist

"The MAT makes it a lot easier to measure elements of movement and put reliable data to things we were already seeing."

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Gary Smith

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"Fantastic! Easy to use and implement. The MAT course helps bridge the gap between pain and performance and returning to the sporting field."

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