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At Movement Assessment Technologies, we love MOVEMENT ASSESSMENT, the LATEST RESEARCH and OBJECTIVE DATA. We love it so much that we’ve combined these three things together to bring you our world-leading courses and our own Movement Assessment Tool - The MAT. Since its inception, MAT has run courses in over 25 countries, helping 5000+ health and fitness professionals from 13 different professions bridge the gap between pain and performance, improving their movement assessment, treatment and training skills.

Movement Assessment Technologies and The MAT is the brainchild of AxIT System developers and Strength By Numbers co-founders Andrew Lemon and Stephen King following their own struggles in practice. Feeling like they were guessing with their movement assessment and struggling to objectively track progression of their patients and clients towards their goals. 

The MAT was born to solve this problem!

Quickly we learnt that this struggle was common to therapists and trainers all around the world. With Universities and higher education institutes often being very slow to implement the latest evidence and assessments into their curriculum, therapists and trainers are often left with out of date knowledge on how to best help their patients and clients.

Movement Assessment Technologies steps in to change this through cutting edge learning products and innovation with the MAT, which is currently being integrated into research projects in 7 Universities worldwide.

We are proud to say that we are now the number one educational provider in the world for evidence-based, objective movement assessment and rehabilitation. Our courses provide you with a structured approach to patient and client management, incorporating the latest research on movement analysis, pain and neuroscience helping you improve treatment or performance outcomes. This allows your to ensure your patients and clients get back to what they need, want and love to do.

In our courses, we’re going to help you bridge the gap between traditional assessment methods that you’re currently using and the functional movements that are performed by your patients every day to achieve their individual goals with the MAT.

We look forward to meeting and helping you at one of our MAT LIVE or MAT ONLINE courses.

Did You Know?

That MAT is being used in elite sporting environments all around the world - including in the NFL, NHL, EPL, NRL, AFL, FFA, ERU, ARU and on the men’s and women’s ATP and PGA tours.

Stephen King

Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Personal Trainer and Strength Coach

Steve's passion is helping health and fitness professionals around the world enhance their decision making and improve their treatment and training plans through the use of objective data, ensuring better patient outcomes, improved clinical decision making and operate more profitable practices.

Having a unique background being a dual-masters qualified Physiotherapist and Osteopath, as well as being an S + C Coach and Personal Trainer, Steve is aware of the key issues health and fitness professionals around the world face - including: 

▶ Lacking the data to confirm whether or not they are actually helping their patients and clients
▶ Difficulty standardising their assessment, treatment and training processes across all members of their teams
▶ Having trouble standing out from the crowd and offering a point of difference in an extremely competitive healthcare environment
▶ Implementing evidence-based strategies into their practice.

Now, after training over 4500 health and fitness professionals around the world on our evidence-based assessment, treatment and training methods at MAT, Steve knows there is a way to improve all of these frustrations…..with OBJECTIVE DATA and the latest technology. 

His personal goal is to objectify all assessments health professionals perform and help one million patients and clients each day, through health and fitness professionals using MAT’s objective data strategies and our game-changing technology.

In his spare time, Steve speaks at conferences and consults worldwide with athletes suffering with lower limb injuries and sit on several sports medicine boards while he continuing to develop the latest evidence based courses and assessment tools, which will help transform your knowledge and enhance your understanding of the human body through objective data, narrowing the gap between his two loves, the health and fitness professions.


Andrew Lemon

Osteopath, Educator and Innovator

As an Osteopath, coach and educator born and raised in the sporting capital of the world Melbourne, Australia, Andrew often pondered why some individuals got injured and others didn’t when performing the same activities.

Having studied and researched under some of the best minds in movement assessment this questions still drives everything he does today.

The answer was distilled down to one simple philosophy.

Develop systematic frameworks, tools and technologies for the assessment of patients and clients to:

  • understand movement baselines.
  • performing physical needs analysis of the people we work with.
  • track progression over time of rehabilitation and training plans towards achieving amazing outcomes.

This philosophy is now applied across all aspects of Andrews professional career whether that be helping over 10,000 patients as the co-director of the Injury Rehab Centre, teaching this philosophy to other health and fitness professionals around the world alongside the MAT Team or helping take objective assessment to the next level with AxIT System and technology firm Strength By Numbers.

To be short “stop guessing, start measuring.”

When not trying to revolutionise the health and fitness industries with objective assessment, you’ll find Andrew racing against time to complete his bucket list, including running his first marathon, rallying his first car, and reaffirming his first love - food.



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"I'd highly recommend this group and course whether you're a new grad or have been working in the game for 10 years"

Michael Brierley
Sports Physiotherapist

"Fantastic! Easy to use and implement into practice on Monday. This course helps bridge the gap between pain and performance and returning to the sporting field"

Gary Smith
Sports Chiropractor


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