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At MAT (Movement Assessment Technologies), we love MOVEMENT ASSESSMENT, the LATEST RESEARCH and OBJECTIVE DATA. 

We love it so much that we’ve combined these three things together to bring you our world-leading courses and the world’s number one Movement Assessment Tool - The MAT®. 

Since our inception, MAT has run courses in over 25 countries, helping 15000+ health and fitness professionals from 15 different professions bridge the gap between pain and performance, improving their movement assessment, treatment and training skills.

Quickly we learnt that this struggle was common to therapists and trainers all around the world. With Universities and higher education institutes often being very slow to implement the latest evidence and assessments into their curriculum, therapists and trainers are often left with out of date knowledge on how to best help their patients and clients.

MAT steps in to change this through cutting-edge courses and innovation with the MAT and other assessment and training tools, which are currently being integrated into research projects in seven Universities worldwide (that we know about).

We are proud to say that we are now the number one educational provider in the world for evidence-based, objective movement assessment and rehabilitation and getting closer to our goal of helping one million+ people everyday through the people who study our courses and buy our products.

Our courses provide you with a structured approach to patient and client management, incorporating the latest research on movement analysis, pain and neuroscience helping you improve treatment or performance outcomes. This allows you to ensure your patients and clients get back to what they need, want and love to do and allows you to have more confidence in your approach.

In our courses, we’re going to help you bridge the gap between traditional assessment methods that you’re currently using and the functional movements that are performed by your patients every day to achieve their individual goals with the MAT.

We look forward to helping you with one of our MAT courses.

Think you’ve seen us somewhere else? We also created the industry-changing AxIT System, as co-founders of Strength By Numbers before selling to get back to our real passion of education and creating affordable practice-changing products at MAT. We're also partners and distributors of the RunScribe system.

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Our MAT Courses are not like the usual courses in the health and fitness industry.

We definitely DO NOT:

  • Have any magical techniques to teach you - but we will be able to help you determine if what you are doing with your patients and clients is working.
  • Keep you sitting for hours listening to boring, dull PowerPoint presentations that look like they were built on Windows ‘95 - we utilize lots of engaging, interactive, and practical content in both our live and online courses to make learning FUN.
  • Quote research from the 90’s - we share the latest evidence and research in an easily digestible way so that you can implement it straight away.
  • Believe in a cookie-cutter, X=Y approach for every person or for every assessment result - but we will help you improve your decision-making skills to treat each person as an individual.
  • Pigeon hole everyone into a good/bad movement or give them an arbitrary ranking score - but we do provide you with more than 50 reliable objective assessments based on actual data to set baseline measures and track progress over time.
  • Include religious or spiritual content into our education - we’re not interested in building a cult or becoming guru’s, there’s enough of those in the health and fitness industries - however, we do love the amazing community of like-minded people using data and the MAT to get great outcomes for the people they work with.


  • Teach you to predict injuries - we will help you to measure the physical profile of your athletes and build a complete picture of their current capacity to easily compare to norms and identify potential risk against known risk factors to help you make the best decisions possible.
  • Expect you to learn everything in 2 days - that’s why our courses include lifetime access to our online content so that you can learn gradually.
  • Require you to be part of a special organization and profession to attend our courses - we welcome all movement-based professionals to attend our courses and interact with each other.
  • Assume every patient who doesn’t get better in the expected timeframe has chronic pain - that's why we perform a thorough objective assessment to make decisions from numbers and science.
  • Believe our MAT approach has to be strictly applied - while we provide a structured framework to help make it easy for you to learn we encourage it to be adapted to your own skills - you don’t have to throw the baby out with the bathwater and start again.
  • Just think our course is the most complete and best value education on the market - We know that it is! How many other courses do you know include a FREE MAT that will revolutionize the way you assess your clients?

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Cedric Audibert


"I've done a lot of different courses in my career, MAT has given me a lot of answers."                                          

Nora Kane

Pilates Instructor

"I really enjoyed the MAT course, my clients are really going to value having a tool to measure their progress with."

Karolin Krell

Physiotherapist & Osteopath

"The MAT Course has given me a lot of assessment tools to measures pre and post my treatment. "

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