Strength Testing with the Single Leg Wall Hold Test

assessment Feb 15, 2018

A single leg wall hold is a functional performance test that looks at the capacity of our knee’s to bear load as well as the strength of the surrounding musculature (quadriceps/hamstrings/glutes).

They are very similar to a single leg squat but the main difference is that you’re leaning against the wall and that your knee/hip is bent to 90 deg and maintaining this position for as long as possible. “One leg squat and wall squat exercises are used in both athletic training and during knee rehabilitation programs” (Escamilla. R , Zheng. N , Hreljac. A ,Imamura. R , MacLeod. T , Edwards. W , Fleisig. G and Wilk. K, 2009).  

The Single Leg wall hold/squat is a very useful clinical exercise and along with other weight-bearing exercises that are similar because it has been shown in patients suffering from Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) that is has helped “patients to recover faster and return to function earlier” (Escamilla. R , Zheng. N , Hreljac. A ,Imamura. R , MacLeod. T , Edwards. W , Fleisig. G, Wilk. K, Moorman. C and Andrews. J,  2009).

Some of the Highlights from both of the studies include:

  • “PCL tensile force was lower and ACL tensile force was higher in the one leg squat and wall squat short compared to the wall squat long” (Escamilla. R, 2009).
  • “Low ACL tensile force was generated during the one leg squat between 0-40° knee flexion” (Escamilla. R, 2009).
  • “The use of weight-bearing exercises have been shown to be effective, both in short- and long-term outcomes, in decreasing PFPS and in enhancing functional performance” (Escamilla. R, 2009).

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