Range of Motion: Shoulder External Rotation 0 deg

range of motion Aug 29, 2023


To test Shoulder External Rotation 0 deg range of motion with an inclinometer, follow these steps:

  1. Have the client start in a seated or standing position with one arm tucked into their trunk, and their elbow flexed at 90 degrees with their thumb facing up toward the ceiling.
  2. As this test involves rotation, the Measurz inclinometer will adopt its transverse plane feature. So, please ensure that the inclinometer is set at 0 degrees before proceeding with this protocol.
  3. Once everything is set, press the play button and instruct the client to externally rotate their forearm out to the side as far as they can go. Be sure to instruct the client to keep their elbow in the same position while performing this test.
  4. When maximal range of motion is achieved, press the pause, followed by the save button and the Measurz inclinometer will generate the results for you. NB: Should be able to achieve at least 60 degrees of external rotation from a 0 degree starting point.

The normal range of motion for Shoulder External Rotation 0 degrees can vary depending on factors such as age, sex, and physical activity levels. However, we should be able to achieve at least 60 degrees of external rotation from a 0 degree starting point. 



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