Strength Testing With Hip Extension Raises

assessment Feb 15, 2018

 The single leg hip extension (also commonly referred to as a hip thruster) exercise is performed with the foot placed on a bench/chair. The role of this exercise it to emphasis the use of our Gluteus Maximus “Gluteal muscle in the human body is one of the largest and strongest muscles” (Raj. S, 2016).

The gluteus Muscles are also apart of posterior chain (muscles that run along the back of our legs and back). “explosive hip extensor strength may be crucial in the primary prevention and rehabilitation of a variety of lower extremity injuries” (Cronin. B, Johnson. S and Chang.E, 2016).

The single leg hip extension is a very beneficial exercise to perform in a clinical setting because by having the leg at 90 degrees it shortens the hamstrings and places more emphasis on the contraction of the glutes (which is what we are aiming for). Along with that we also see that “hip thrust activates the gluteus maximus and biceps femoris to a greater degree than the back squat” (Contreras. B, Vigotsky. A, Schoenfeld. B, Beardsley. C and Cronin. J, 2015).

Some of the highlights from the above studies:

  • “increase on the physical variables of Explosive power (Vertical jump) owing the interaction and influence of Resistance training and Glute strengthening”  (Raj. S, 2016).
  • “Training with a specific emphasis on increasing explosive strength of the hip extensors may be a means through which to improve frontal plane hip and knee control during high-risk maneuvers such as cutting” (Cronin.B et al, 2016). 

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