Strength Testing with Hip Adduction Holds/Raises

assessment Feb 17, 2018

Hip Adduction is the movement of where we bring our leg closer to the midline of the body or closer to the other leg. It is largely performed by our adductor group (adductor magnus, longus and brevis). Hip adductor weakness has been related to pain in through the groin in sports that require repetitive change of direction ( “Large eccentric hip adduction strength deficits were found in soccer players with adductor-related groin pain compared with asymptomatic soccer players” (Thorborg K, Branci S, Nielsen MP, Tang L, Nielsen MB and Hölmich P, 2014). Another article found that “decreased hip adduction strength is a risk factor for developing groin injuries” (Harøy.J, Thorborg. K, Serner. A, Bjørkheim. A,Rolstad.L, Hölmich.P, Bahr. R and Andersen.T, 2017).

The single leg adduction exercise when used correctly in a clinical setting can decrease our risk of associated groin injuries and performance detriments. The Copenhagen Adduction exercise is a single leg exercise which has an emphasis on the eccentric (lengthening part) of hip adduction (resisting hip abduction). It has been shown to have a significant impact in  “on-field prevention and treatment” of groin injuries (Serner. A, Jakobsen.M,  Andersen.L, Hölmich. P, Sundstrup. E and Thorborg. K, 2013).  

What the research tells us is that:

  • “Preseason hip adductor squeeze strength is lower in male soccer athletes who have had past-season groin pain for more than 6 weeks compared with soccer athletes without past-season groin pain” (Esteve. E, Rathleff. M,  Vicens-Bordas. J, Bek Clausen. M, Hölmich. P, Sala. L and Thorborg. K, 2018).
  • “The Copenhagen Adduction and the hip adduction with an elastic band are dynamic high intensity exercises, which can easily be performed at any training facility and therefore seem relevant to include in future prevention and treatment programmes” (Serner. A et al, 2013).

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