Range of Motion: Hip Abduction

range of motion Jun 29, 2023

To test Hip Adduction range of motion with an inclinometer, follow these steps:

  1. Have the client adopt a supine position lying down on a massage table. 
  2. As this is a rotational test in the transverse plane, the inclinometer will adopt its rotation feature. Thus, it is critical that the smart device is aligned correctly before proceeding with this protocol. 
  3. With the hip in a neutral position, place the smart device on the midway point of the client’s femur. 
  4. Press play on the inclinometer and instruct the client to abduct their hip away from their midline as far as they can, before deviation of the pelvis starts to occur. Once the client has achieved maximal abduction, press the pause, and then the save button to record and view the results.
  5. This test can also be performed passively by assisting the client to achieve extra range of motion. Either active or passive variation is acceptable, however it is crucial that whatever the variation selected is consistent and that it is recorded in the notes section. NB: Looking for at least 40 degrees of hip abduction on this test.


It's important to perform the test in a slow and controlled manner, as quick or forceful movements may cause discomfort or injury. Also, make sure that the inclinometer is properly calibrated before use.

The normal range of Hip Adduction range of motion can vary depending on age, sex, physical activity level, and other factors. However, typically, a range of motion of 25-30 degrees is considered normal for adults.



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