Hip Orthopaedic Test: Craig's Test

orthopaedic tests May 30, 2023

Craig's test is a physical examination technique used to assess for femoral anteversion or retroversion, which is a rotational abnormality of the femur bone in the hip joint. Here are the steps to perform Craig's test:

1. Have the patient lie down on their stomach on the examination table with their legs hanging off the edge.
2. Flex the patient's affected hip to 90 degrees.
3. Internally rotate the hip, rotating the foot and lower leg towards the midline of the body.
4. Slowly externally rotate the hip, rotating the foot and lower leg away from the midline of the body.
5. Stop rotating the hip when the greater trochanter, which is the bony prominence on the side of the hip, is parallel with the examination table.
6. Measure the angle between the lower leg and the examination table using a goniometer.
7. Repeat the test with the patient's hip in external rotation.



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