Monday MAT Musings - Early stage ACL management and what are the key objective measurements

assessment Jun 24, 2019

- ACL injuries do not always require immediate surgery. It is a major decision with many pros and cons.
- Surgery is not the only factor that needs to be considered, as the rehabilitation after surgery lasts a number of months and may take up to a year or longer to make a full recovery.
- Often the initial period post ACL reconstruction is one of the most important times for our patients and clients.
- One of the biggest problems is that often ACL rehabilitation can be too conservative, too long in protective braces, not enough flexibility and strength work, overprotective management plans.
- It is important to have objective testing criteria to measure the ACL reconstruction rehab journey from start to finish to make sure that your clients are working the right exercises, at the right intensity, at the right time to guarantee the best possible outcomes.
- At MAT, we teach the latest evidence-based tests that are essential for managing good ACL outcomes (weight-bearing lunge test, star excursion balance test, hop tests from the limb symmetry index, etc).

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