Are you using a “WOW” assessment?

assessment May 27, 2019

Are you using a “WOW” assessment? In this video, Andrew breaks down the importance of “WOW” assessment in answering the unknown and to determine the treatment:


- At MAT we believe a “WOW” assessment is an integral part in helping to engage your patients/clients better and really help push them forward to get amazing health and fitness outcomes.

- Patient expectation in health care continues to increase and this is something that needs to be managed adequately in order to improve patient buy-in.

- Often by selecting an objective test that reveals a tangible limitation or imbalance from side to side this can be a “WOW” moment that really illustrates the clinical story you are trying to educate the patient in front of you with.

- Pick your test based on your experience and the patient presentation. Some example of tests are Flexibility Tests (Eg: WBLT, Spinal Rotation on the MAT), Balance Tests (Eg: SEBT on the MAT), Strength Tests (Eg: Single Leg Sit To Stand Test), Power Tests (Eg: Hop Tests).

- A comprehensive objective assessment will also assist with the prescription of an appropriate, individualised management plan based on the limitation or imbalances to address that individuals needs.

- Objective “WOW” tests can also be used to show the before and after effectiveness of an intervention Eg: Manual Therapy, Mobilisations, Tendon Loading Protocols etc

- The clinician-patient alliance, negotiated through clinical interaction, presents a critical intervention point with “WOW” moments often further driving positive interaction.


 If you want to take your assessment to the next level join the thousands of MAT users around the world who've stopped guessing and have started measuring in their assessment using the MAT.


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