Range of Motion: 90/90 Active Knee Extension (AKE)

range of motion Aug 27, 2023


  1. Have the client adopt a supine position lying down on a massage table or mat. Once established, have the client bring their hip up into 90 degrees of hip flexion. 
  2. Align the Measurz inclinometer with up and down next to the client’s knee and in line with their hip. This will allow us to know whether we are in a neutral position.
  3. Instruct the client to extend their knee up, then measure the angle using the Measurz inclinometer alongside the client’s tibia.
  4. Press the pause/play, followed by the save button to save and view the results. NB: We should see a result of as close to 0 degrees of knee extension as possible.

We're aiming to see a result of as close to 0 degrees of knee extension as possible.



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