Your health, it's kind of like a bucket

Aug 01, 2019

When talking to patients and clients about their health sometimes it can be hard to find simple explanations for how you will help them.

That's why we use the analogy of a bucket with holes in it. 

These holes are the outputs of mental and physical energy in our daily lives whether that be the demands of sport, work or maintaining our relationships etc.

We top up the bucket by nourishing our body with inputs such as sleep, nutrition and other forms of rest and recovery etc.

The aim is to keep the bucket full, it gives us the capacity to handle the stresses that life throws at us biologically, psychologically and socially. Pain, pathology and injuries can sometimes arise when the bucket runs out of water.

At the  Movement Assessment Technologies, we see our role as health and fitness professionals as to help people build a "bigger bucket" by developing movement capacity, competency, variability and confidence through an active treatment approach and education. 

We do this by measuring where our patients and clients have deficiencies and discrepancies using objective assessments taught in our MAT course. By addressing these findings using evidence-based training protocols we can measure and track the progression of our clients to build a bigger bucket!

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