Ankle Flexibility Testing: Weight-Bearing Plantar Flexion Test

flexibility May 23, 2023
Weight-Bearing Plantar Flexion Test

The Weight-Bearing Plantar Flexion Test is a simple test used to assess the strength of the calf muscles. Here are the steps to perform the test:

1. Have the participant stand with their feet shoulder-width apart and their hands resting on a wall or stable surface for balance.
2. Instruct the participant to rise up onto their toes as high as possible.
3. Use a measuring tape or ruler to measure the distance from the floor to the participant's heel at the highest point of the toe raise.
4. Repeat the test two more times and record the highest measurement achieved.

The test can be performed on one leg at a time or on both legs simultaneously. The test is considered to be a measure of the participant's maximum plantar flexion strength.

Ideally looking for:

  • No greater than 2cm asymmetry

The normative data for the Weight-Bearing Plantar Flexion Test varies depending on the age, sex, and physical activity level of the individual being tested. However, here are some general norms for the test:

- For healthy adults aged 20-39 years, the average range of motion is between 16-20 cm.
- For healthy adults aged 40-59 years, the average range of motion is between 14-18 cm.
- For healthy adults aged 60-79 years, the average range of motion is between 12-16 cm.

It's important to note that these norms are just general guidelines and should not be used as definitive standards for all individuals. It's best to compare an individual's test results to their own previous test results or to norms specific to their age, sex, and physical activity level.

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