Strength Endurance Test: Single Leg Sit To Stand (Max)

strength-endurance Jul 06, 2023

The Single Leg Sit To Stand Test (SLSS) is a useful single-leg strength test for those that do not have access to a lot of equipment. Due to the open-chain nature of the test, it requires more balance and skill than performing the Sing Leg Leg Press and can be used also to assess the kinematics and control of the lower limb during such a movement.

Research (Culvenor et al 2016) has shown that performing greater than 22 repetitions on this test has correlated with increased quality of knee health in ACL reconstruction patients at a 3-year review. These results are likely applicable to other patient or client groups as a measure of baseline lower limb strength.


  1. The client is seated on a bench or chair with both knees and hips flexed to 90°.
  2. Hands are placed on hips to standardize arm position and the opposite foot is lifted off the floor.
  3. Cue the client to stand up using the leg that is placed on the floor and repeat in a controlled manner as many times as possible. Failure is when the client is unable to perform any more repetitions or puts their opposite foot down twice. 
  4. Consideration should be made for what type of strength capacity is being assessed in relation to how many repetitions are able to be performed. If a more general (<12 repetitions) or maximum strength capacity (<5 repetitions) is needed to be assessed then the external load can be added to this test.

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