Strength Endurance Test: Single Leg Adductor Raises

strength-endurance Jul 06, 2023

The Single Leg Adductor Raises test is a physical fitness assessment that evaluates an individual's strength and endurance of the adductor muscles in the inner thigh. This test involves lying on one side and lifting the top leg while keeping it straight and the foot flexed.



The Adductor raises position is recognisably similar in its application to the Copenhagen Hip Adduction exercise.

This exercise has been shown in the literature to have a positive effect on Adductor Muscle Group strength, however to date no one has used this position to quantify strength and endurance by measuring repetitions or time in which this position can be held.


This test can be progressed from a contact position on the ground to the most difficult position with the medial foot placed on the bench during the plank hold.

The position is then held for as long as possible. The test concludes with the individual drops below horizontal with the bench and a time for the hold is calculated.


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