Strength Endurance Test: Shoulder Isometric Endurance Tests (10% BW)

strength-endurance Jan 29, 2024

The Shoulder Isometric Endurance Tests at 10% Body Weight (BW) for abduction, external rotation, and flexion are assessments similar to the ones at 5% BW, but with a higher resistance load.

Performing these tests typically involves:

  1. Setup: Assume a comfortable position, aligning the arm according to the specific test (abduction, external rotation, or flexion).

  2. Application of Weight: Attach a weight equal to 10% of the individual's body weight to the wrist or hand of the arm being tested.

  3. Isometric Contraction: Hold the arm in the designated position against the increased resistance for as long as possible while maintaining proper form and without experiencing excessive strain.

  4. Endurance Measurement: Measure the duration of time (in seconds) that the individual can sustain the isometric contraction. This duration reveals the endurance and strength of the shoulder muscles being tested under greater resistance.

Similar to the 5% BW tests, these evaluations help gauge the endurance capacity of shoulder muscles in various positions but with higher resistance. Accurate execution and consistency in testing are vital for reliable results. These assessments are often used in rehabilitation, sports medicine, or physical therapy settings.



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