Research Review: Star Excursion Tests

Aug 23, 2022

If you were on a desert island and could only take one type of test with you, which one would it be?

Well if you asked us here at MAT it would probably be a test that provides us insight into multiple capacities at once.

Specifically, it would probably be the Star Excursion Balance Test (SEBT).

Yes if you've followed us for some time you know how much we love the SEBT. And with good reason.

  • It's well researched.
  • Has great applications for juniors, athletes and the elderly alike. 
  • Easy and convenient to perform (especially with the MAT).

And according to a systematic review by Powden et al 2019, it has excellent inter and intra-rater reliability. 

This review tracked 9 studies with over 300 subjects also establishing minimal detectable change values of:

Anterior: 5.68cm

Posteromedial: 5.10cm 

Posterolateral: 6.80cm 

These values are helpful, as they provide a reference to assess whether your client is making meaningful progress based on your rehab plan when performing a reassessment testing them on The MAT or MegaMAT.

Check out the full study by Powden et al 2019 here.

But the Star Excursion Balance Test is not the only Star Excursion test you can perform!

Recently a new test was developed by Plaza et al in 2018 that is designed to assess trunk postural control while sitting, aptly named the Star Excursion Sitting Test.

This test is performed with participants sitting in the centre of a testing device such as The MegaMAT. Reaches were performed in an anterior 45°, posterior 45° and purely lateral directions with the participant grabbing their legs with their opposite hand and maintaining balance by sitting on their buttocks without touching the ground with their feet. Three consecutive repetitions were performed. A repetition was considered as void if the participant let go of their legs, or leaned on their hand.

References were also established during this testing that can be used to assess your clients.

Check out the full study by Plaza et al 2018 here.

Check out how you can perform the Star Excursion Sitting Test on the MegaMAT below. 

Want to enhance your testing with the latest assessment tool from MAT? Stop guessing and start measuring tests such as the Star Excursion Balance Test and Star Excursion Sitting Test with the MegaMAT today.

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