Strength Endurance Test: Powerline 'Bunkie' Tests

strength-endurance Jul 05, 2023

The Powerline 'Bunkie' tests are a functional performance test battery consisting of 5 test positions and have been used to assess aspects of muscular function. 

De Witt and Venter proposed this FPT consisting of 5 test positions (each test performed bilaterally for a total of 10 tests) which requires the subject to assume plank or modified plank postures with one's lower extremities supported on a bench.

This testing procedure is comprised of 5 different tests for specific fascial lines.

  • Anterior power line
  • Medial stabilizing line
  • Lateral stabilizing line
  • Posterior stabilizing line
  • Posterior power line

The bench height should correspond with the length of the humerus (~ 25 -30cm)

 Norms: Athletes should be able to hold each test position for up to 40 seconds

Brumitt, J. (2015). The Bunkie Test: Descriptive Data for a Novel Test of Core Muscular Endurance. Rehabilitation Research And Practice, 2015, 1-9. doi: 10.1155/2015/780127

de Witt B., Venter R. The ‘Bunkie’ test: assessing functional strength to restore function through fascia manipulation. Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies. 2009;13(1):81–88. 

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