Functional Training?

training Aug 07, 2019

Functional training can divide many trainers and S&C professionals. Some will believe it has it's place while other may think it's a waste of time that not only doesn't get any results, but often make you look stupid too.


At the MAT assessment group we know there is no such thing as stupid movements, just poorly allocated ones.


This graph shows the inverse relationship between load and instability. Load amplifies the effects of gravity and provides resistance to stimulate increased strength capacity in movement. Instability (doesn't mean just bosu ball, can mean single leg, angular variations etc) creates a different environment in which we pattern movement, usually making our ability to apply load through the ground more of a challenge. As load increases so does our need to have a more stable ability to load through the ground against resistance. The more stability we take away the less load we will be able to successfully control and transform. Each position on graph has value for different individuals with different functional goals.


Next time you see someone training in a "Functional" way ask yourself where on the graph do they fall.

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