Day 2 - Surprises

training Jan 13, 2019

Today we look at some anthropometric measurements and outcome measures.

What other anthropometric measurements do you use with your patients and clients?

Do you have any go-to outcome measures that you use with your clients to track activity levels?


Weight: 66kg

Height: 166cm (5'6)

Girth Measurements: 

  • Calf: L  R 
  • Suprapatellar: L  R 
  • Mid Thigh: L  R  
  • Upper Thigh: L  R  
  • Waist
  • Chest: 
  • Arms: L  R  

International Physical Activity Questionaire: Moderately Inactive (see form attached in the downloads section on the right >>>>)

Previous injury history:

  • R ankle sprain x10+
  • L rec fem grade 2 (2018)
  • Minor grade 1 hamstring/calf/quad strains over the years
  •  L GH dislocations x7 (10+ years ago)

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