Strength Isometric Test: Ankle Toe Extension

strength-isometric Aug 31, 2023

To test toe extension isometric strength, follow these general steps:

  1. Have the client adopt a supine position, lying down on a table with their shoes and socks off. Ask the client to slide down the table until their toes of the testing foot are hanging just over the edge of the table. 
  2. To ensure the toes are truly isolated, the practitioner should use one of their hands to fix the client’s foot while performing this test. 
  3. Set the press pad of the Muscle Meter over the top of the client’s lateral four metatarsals, before queuing them to pull said toes up as hard as they can.
  4. Ensure the client sustains this effort for 2-3 seconds to achieve their maximal force production. Once performed, hit save in the Measurz app and compare to the other side.



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