Lateral Hops

training Jul 15, 2019

Do you use the Side Hop Test when assessing your lower limb injury patients?

The Side Hop Test as described by Gustavsson et al in 2006 ( is a fantastic end-stage rehab test for individuals returning from lower limb injury as it objectively assesses stability, balance, strength, and power under fatiguing conditions.

Subjects stood on the test leg, with their hands behind their back, and jumped from side to side between two parallel strips of tape, placed 40 cm apart on the floor. The subjects were instructed to jump as many times as possible during a period of 30 s. The number of successful jumps performed, without touching the tape, was recorded. Touching the tape was recorded as an error and, if more than 25% of the jumps had errors the trial was forfeited and repeated after 3 minutes. 

At MAT we use single-leg hop tests such as the Side Hop Test after clearing our patients of flexibility, strength, balance, etc limitations or imbalances that may put them at risk of reinjury when performing such tests. 

Combining the Side Hop Test with other assessments from the Limb Symmetry Index such as the Single Leg Hop For Distance, Cross Over Hop For Distance and Triple Hop For Distance enhances the sensitivity of identifying and minimizing risk factors in return to sport readiness.

Stop playing roulette with your patients and clients return to the sporting field. 

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