How to Perform the Star Excursion Sitting Test️

training Aug 15, 2019

The Star Excursion Balance Test has been one of our favourite tests at Movement Assessment Technologies for a long time. It's a major reason why we developed The MAT in the first place to make the use of this test easy and accessible to professionals around the world. 🗺️

Other variations of reaching tests are found in the literature to assess trunk and upper limb function. These include the Star Excursion Sitting Test as described by López-Plaza et al 2018 in their research using this test to assess trunk and postural control while sitting. 💪💪

Their findings:
The SEST is a reliable field protocol to measure postural control. It provides trunk postural control measures with reduced influence of the lower-limbs which may be useful when wanting to isolate the trunk or working with individuals with lower limb pain or injury. 👍

Are you using the latest evidence-based testing with your patients and clients? Do you set baselines, track their progression and calculate the potential risk of injury? 😱

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