Research Review: Closed Kinetic Chain Upper Extremity Test

Jun 18, 2021

Try saying this one fast 3 times. 

The Closed Kinetic Chain Upper Extremity Test might be a mouthful, but this simple test can be an excellent way to gather data on the upper body strength, control and accuracy of your patients and clients.

Fortunately as well there have been some great studies looking into the reliability of this test and what results can be expected from the people you work with. 

Hegedus et al 2016 investigated the results of the CKCUET, establishing references and its relationship to another one of our favourite MAT Tests the Upper Quarter Y Balance Test in 257 elite male and female college athletes.
Download the study here.

Tucci et al 2014 also investigated this test thoroughly comparing results of Sedentary and Active young males and females to older counterparts with painful subacromial impingement syndrome. Their findings set similar references for young active males however females demonstrated more touches as they performed the test in a kneeling position. Interestingly older individuals with subacromial impingement syndrome could only manage 10 touches for males and 12 touches for females.
Download the study here.

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