Day 21 - Results

training Jan 28, 2019

Ok, you've done well to make it this far. As you can tell it was a tough day of testing for me, but hopefully it will be worth it in 3 months time.

Now it's your turn to do some work!

I need you to help me out and write me a program to do for the month of March.

Remember, the BEST program will be selected and I will personally do this program and the person whose program is chosen as the best will win a FREE MAT LIVE course in 2019.

A few specifics that need to be thought about when creating the program:

1/ There needs to be at least two different days in the program that I can use to workout 4-5 times per week.

2/ My goals are to improve the results below, especially my aerobic fitness

3/ You need to have 1-2 paragraphs associated with the program why you included the exercises and what you're targeting with each program.

I can't wait to see what you have in store for me.

You can submit your program either in the comments below or by emailing me at [email protected] - points for the most creative email subject line too!

Here are all the results broken down into the regions of the body and capacity:

Lower Limb


WBLT: L 12cm (40degs) R 8cm (35degs)


  • Ant L  64cm R  55cm (81% of limb length)
  • Antmed L 67cm R 60cm
  • Antlat L 58cm R 52cm
  • Med L 77cm R 75cm
  • Lat L 68cm R 68cm
  • Post L 78cm R 69cm
  • Postmed L 75cm R 65cm
  • Postlat L 70cm R 65cm

Hip IR test: L 55 degs R 40 degs


Ant hop: L  112cm R 130cm

Med hop: L 90cm R 90cm

Lat hop: L 60cm R 60cm

Triple hop for distance: L 340cm R 400cm 

Triple crossover hop for distance L 280 cm R 320cm

Strength Endurance

SL sit to stand: L 20 R 15

SL calf raise test: L 19 R 13


SL leg press: L 10 R 6

SL hamstring curl L 6 R 3

SL leg extension L 6 R 3

SL calf raise L 6 R 3

 Trap bar deadlift 120kg: 1 rep max

Squat 80kg: 2 rep max


Agility t-test: 12 secs

Anaerobic Fitness

RAST: max power 184 watts, average power 176 watts

Aerobic Fitness

2km time trial : 9 minutes and 35 seconds. 




Flexion: 28cm at 57cm 

Extension: 160cm at 57cm

Lateral Flexion: L 157cm at 68cm  R  148cm at 75cm

Rotation: L 115cm R 95degs

Strength Endurance

SL side plank test: L=R= 58 secs

SL plank test: L 48 secs R 38 secs

Adductor plank: L 30 secs R 25 secs



Upper Limb



  • Med: L 82cm R 82cm
  • Suplat: L 51cm R 51cm
  • Inflat: L 54cm R 52cm



Seated medicine ball throw: 580cm

Strength Endurance

Max push up test: 29


Lateral raise test L 8 R 6 

External rotation test L 7 R 5

Bench Press 80kg: 4 rep max



Weight: 66kg

Height: 166cm (5'6)

Girth Measurements: 

  • Calf: L 36cm R 36cm
  • Suprapatellar: L 35cm R 34cm
  • Mid Thigh: L 49cm R 49cm
  • Upper Thigh: L 51cm R 51cm
  • Waist: 80cm
  • Chest: 95cm
  • Arms: L 33cm R 33cm

International Physical Activity Questionaire: Moderately Inactive (see form attached in the downloads section on the right >>>>)


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